workplace positive psychology training for improved employee engagement and motivation

New global standards (ISO45003) for workplace mental health are coming soon. As a result, you may currently be reviewing your employee training programme.

Or perhaps you are simply looking to improve employee engagement?

Or boost the energy of the team?

Perhaps stress is the one thing that keeps coming up when you speak to your colleagues.

I know that it can be hard to deliver on your company’s health and wellbeing priorities with the increase in home working and remote teams.

Teams can feel disconnected. Individuals often feel lonely and isolated.

My workplace mental health training aims to change all of that.

I take the stress out of stress management.

After my training, participants are able to do the following:

  • Get more work done without working more hours
  • Bounce back quicker when things go wrong
  • Exert more positive influence
  • Feel differently about problems

I have delivered engaging LIVE online webinars and workshops to hundreds of employees over the last few years and I always work hard to meet your brief.

Together, we make sure that the course content aligns with your organisational wellbeing strategy to reduce stress and improve resilience at work.

Packed with useful positive psychology strategies and delivered with energy and enthusiasm, my training might just be what you need to bring new levels of happiness to your place of work.

Improving workplace mental health training does not have to be difficult.

“It was so easy to organise the training. Katja deals with the whole process end to end and my team just had to tune in and enjoy the session”

-Client Testimonial –

A few of my previous clients

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