Inspirational Webinars

Looking for an employee health and wellbeing course with a difference? Choose from my diverse range of inspirational webinars with a focus on personal development to boost team resilience, motivation and general life satisfaction.

stress management webinar to improve life satisfaction

My most sought-after webinar is a great introduction to stress management and how you can use the power of positive psychology (PERMA) to improve your emotional health. Great fun and INTERACTIVE.

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change management webinar

Organisational change can be stressful for employees. In this supportive session, I provide some great tools for managing your emotional wellbeing effectively and develop a really positive vision for the future.

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resilience webinar

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly after a set-back. In this educational webinar, we review the top 10 strategies developed by the world’s leading experts on resilience for you to have a clear idea of the way forward.

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world wellbeing practices webinar

Had enough of the British weather and boring diet? Take a fun trip with me around the world to take a look at some of the weird and wonderful wellbeing practices that keep people healthy and happy across the globe.

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mens health webinar

1 man in 5 dies before he’s 65. In this popular webinar, we explore the reasons behind these tragic statistics and look a ways to boost men’s physical and emotional health.

Perfect to support the Men’s Health Week campaign in June.

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winter wellness webinar

Hate the cold winters and long, dark nights? Fear not. In this uplifting webinar, we explore how the Danish concept of Hygge can help raise your spirits and make winter the happiest season of them all.

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happy Christmas webinar

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Or is it? For many, Christmas represents a time of bad moods and low energy. Take a deep dive into positive psychology and find out how to change all of that for good.

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