Let me help you with your corporate training plan. I know that it can be hard to deliver on your company’s health and wellbeing priorities with the increase in home working and remote teams. My webinars and online workshops aim to make it easier.

Coming up with new themes and engaging content can also prove a struggle. Most of us are bored of hearing the same old messages around sleep, eating vegetables and exercising every day.

Why not try something new?

Nordique Touch is all about happiness. But not the ‘if you’re happy, clap your hands’ kind of thing.

The science of happiness is exactly what it says on the tin. Science! Tools and techniques extensively tested on patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression to aid their recovery from what can be a debilitating condition.

But it works for everyone! At the core, is the question: what does it take to make a human flourish and be successful?

Why not get in touch today so that I can show you what we know abut happiness and how I can help you and your team get the life that you want.

Workshop / team away-day

What do most people want in life?

To be happy, right?

Consequently, you’d think we would spend time every single day on strengthening our happiness skills just like we would practice playing an instrument if we want to be good at it.

Alas. Most people do not know where to start..

During this 1 day workshop, we cover what researches have known for years about sustainable happiness.

Based on the principles of positive psychology, we explore the pitfalls and myths around happiness and build a picture of the habits and actions that we need to master in order to put stress and anxiety firmly behind us.

Participants will leave with a renewed sense of focus and clarity of the actions that they need to take to build the life that they’ve always wanted.

“Clear and hugely engaging, this workshop left me feeling energised and ready to take action”

MW, Workshop Participant

Using the Zoom platform and by making extensive use of the break-out rooms, this workshop will bring colleagues together to discuss challenges and barriers to living a life full of optimism, meaning and purpose.

With stress now being the biggest threat to the nation’s health and wellbeing and with rates of anxiety and depression on the rise, the time has come to have an open and honest conversation about what really matters in life.

This workshop is probably the single most important session that you can offer at your place of work to meet your corporate objectives around mental health.

Perfect for a (virtual) team-away day!

Your company investment for a full day of interaction, learning, engagement and motivation for up to 60 participants is just £1,499 which includes all materials, pre- and post event management and a participant’s workbook.


My 60 minutes webinars are designed to engage, educate and inspire.

Covering a range of health and wellbeing topics, participants are introduced to a number of different ways to deal with everyday challenges that can be causing them stress and anxiety.

Webinar content can also be designed to fit in with any theme that you’re focusing on as part of your employee wellbeing programme. Just let me know what your priorities are right now and I can write a webinar to suit.

Your company investment is just £299 which allows for up to 100 participants to join via the Zoom platform in listening mode. All materials included.

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