Fit to Manage

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails”
-John Maxwell

Fit to Manage is our flagship stress management programme for managers and executives looking to improve their personal health and wellbeing in order to build the resilience and energy needed to lead and inspire others.

Does this look familiar?

Managers stay late to finish off work

There are signs of work being completed in the evening and over the weekend

There is a lack of enthusiasm for new initiatives

Self-care isn’t prioritised due to competing time demands

Collective energy in the office is low

Coffee is being consumed in alarming quantities

The Fit to Manage programme is what you need to make a change!

What is it?

To lead and inspire others to perform in the workplace, Managers need not only great people skills but also a healthy body and inner resilience that allows them to focus on things that are of real importance. Such as relationships and personal happiness. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When someone feels stressed, overwhelmed or perhaps distracted by managing poor health or conflict, there is a real risk of them spending the best years of their life in stress state rather than in thrive state.

The Fit to Manage programme is designed to help people in leadership positions to become a better version of themselves and avoid burn-out

What’s included?

Key topics of the programme include:

  • self coaching
  • balancing pressure and stress
  • dealing with anxiety
  • changing stress-inducing behaviour
  • relaxation techniques
  • managing stress within teams

Option 1


Put the Out of Office on!

It’s time to check into our amazing Management Retreat in Cyberspace.

Live group training combined with self-directed learning makes this the perfect option for time-poor managers.

Option 2

On-site training

Let us come to you.

Our 2-day training event offer managers the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as their own personal wellbeing plan.

Organisational success does not have to come at a big personal cost.


Getting away from it all is ideal for gaining perspective and taking stock.

Our retreats to beautiful Scandinavia offer a real opportunity to press the reset button and learn to thrive once more.

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