Emotional Wellbeing E-learning

The next generation learning style in the agile workplace is experiential.

All emotional wellbeing e-learning solutions must be designed to meet that need.

The experiential learner absorbs information and processes information by ‘being in the experience’.

In other words, they learn by doing and feeling.

Traditional classroom-style teaching on how to manage stress does little to engage an experiential learner.

They do not care much for the theory of stress management.

Instead, they have a strong need to be actively involved in the process of learning.

Moreover, Gen Z has now entered the workplace.

This generation of learners has a habit of ‘snacking’ on media.

As a result, they have a very short attention span.

This is why you urgently need to add my digital stress resilience programme to your workplace learning & development offer.

STRESS PROOF YOUR TEAM IN 15 DAYS is a unique programme that offers a range of benefits:

  • Each video lasts only 10 minutes
  • The session contains only one learning point and one personal development activity
  • Every personal development activity invites the learner to visualise a scenario. They then spend a moment acting out the scenario to provoke an emotional or physical response.
  • Through the 3 steps methodology of observe-reflect-grow, learners update their mindsets and acquire tools for managing stress effectively
  • Content can be consumed by the learner in their own time
  • Suits work-from-anywhere/hybrid working teams
1:1 support and team resources

The programme runs over a three-week period and all participants start and stop at the same time.

Throughout this period, learners will be offered the opportunity to engage with the coach through regular Ask Me Anything email surgeries to discuss issues of personal or professional nature which may emerge as a result of doing the exercises.

In addition, team resources will be provided which can be used during regular team meetings to encourage discussion on topics which underpin strong emotional health in the workplace.

Contact me today to take your workplace stress management and resilience training to the next level:

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