woman wearing white shirt eating watermelon

How mindful eating can improve digestion

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘you are what you eat’; meaning that if you eat healthy food, you’ll live in a healthy body.

But there’s more to healthy eating than what’s on your plate.

Many of my coaching clients have digestive problems: IBS, bloated stomach, trapped wind, nausea.

This is because there’s a strong link between stress and the digestive system.

When your stress goes up, your digestion slows down.

As a result, your weight and general health is impacted.

So this week, I’ll share with you a stress hack that’ll help you to improve, and in some cases totally eliminate, your digestive problems and change the way you eat forever.

You’ll soon understand that you aren’t just WHAT you eat.

You are HOW you eat.

We call it Mindful Eating.

I hope you find this video helpful.

(Duration: 4.04 minutes. Hit CC for subtitles)

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