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What is Stress Coaching?

Feeling stressed is something we all experience from time to time.

Perhaps a situation or event is causing stress, or maybe it’s our reaction to something that’s making us feel overwhelmed.

Whatever the reason, stress affects us all.

For some of us, however, it’s a recurring problem that, over time, can seriously impact our health and well-being.

There are lots of ways we can learn to cope with stress better, including developing emotional resilience and introducing more rest and relaxation into our routines and it’s important to find something that works for you.

This may mean making lifestyle changes and using self-help techniques or it may mean getting professional support from a stress coach.

How coaching can help with stress

The aim of a coach is to offer you a sense of space, reflection and clarity.

When it comes to stress, my aim is to help you understand the root causes, rather than to ‘fix’ the symptoms.

This is done through a series of conversations where I will ask questions to help you gain understanding, and offer insights or reflections you may not have considered.

Having someone unbiased and unconnected to any other areas of your life to talk to about stress can help you process your feelings in a safe environment, without judgement.

I can also help you come up with strategies and coping techniques to reduce stress and cope better with it when it arises.

This may include learning relaxation skills, journaling techniques or even meditation.

Understanding what is causing you to feel stressed means you can change habits and behaviours that lead to the stress – for example, boundary setting and saying ‘no’ more.

I will guide you through these changes, offering support the entire way.

Sometimes, we can’t control what stressful events are going to happen to us.

By working with a coach, you can develop your emotional resilience so you’re better able to cope. So often it’s not the event itself that’s stressful, but our reaction to it.

Why not get in touch today to experience your first free coaching conversation and free yourself from stress and anxiety?

All sessions are delivered on Zoom.

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