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Beat stress with problem solving therapy

The stressed brain is rubbish at solving problems.

It doesn’t help that we very often rush into making changes without having spent enough time on identifying all the aspects of the issue.

Today, I’d like to share with you a story of what happens when you try to solve the wrong problem.

And then I’ll introduce you to the very first part of problem solving therapy:

Problem identification and Formulation.

This part is made up of 5 steps.

I invite you to reflect on which step you may be most likely to miss out when you do problem solving on your own.

For me, it’s step 5. I definitely have a tendency to rush into problem solving without having thought carefully about likely obstacles.

However, by following the structure of problem solving therapy, I’m improving my skills daily and I’m definitely experiencing less stress as a result.

I am convinced that this technique can work for you too.

Enjoy the video

(Duration 4:07 minutes. Hit CC for subtitles)

If you know of a team who could benefit from learning more about problem solving therapy as a way to build resilience and safeguard mental health, please contact me.

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