woman closing her eyes against sun light standing near purple petaled flower plant

Focus Pocus

Focusing is the technique of matching a physical sensation to an emotion.

You may have heard of the ‘body scan‘ if you do guided meditation. This is similar, except that you progress to pairing up your pain/discomfort/tension/jittering (fill in blank) with an emotion (nervous/excited/overwhelmed/sad/happy etc.)

Studies have found that people who master the skill of focusing are the ones who stand the best chance of making rapid progress during psychotherapy and personal development.


Because when you’re under pressure, you often live in your head and you can feel quite cut off from your body. This state cannot be altered by doing more thinking.

Focusing will help you to get out of your head and feel more connected to your body. You can now start to recognise the subtle signs that you’re receiving and start to take action before the emotion overwhelms you and triggers you to follow your first impulse.

You’re now one step ahead of your autopilot.

Watch this short video to learn more (Duration: 4 min 37 sec. Hit CC for subtitles)

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