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Online Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Looking for online stress & anxiety coaching and training?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m Katja, a qualified stress therapist, CBT coach and experiential trainer who enables busy professionals to survive and thrive in any situation

If you are feeling the pressure, we should talk.

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About Me

What can a Danish ex-change manager teach you about stress and resilience? Quite a bit actually. Meet Katja Nielsen

Katja has delivered several webinars for us and is very accommodating in finding the most appropriate content and possible dates. Booking is easy: once we have our purchase order, Katja sets up a private Eventbrite page for each event. The feedback from attendees has been great – it’s so much more than ‘an hour off’. Katja understands the kinds of challenges people experience and suggests great strategies to help, backed up by science and examples from across the globe. All with positivity.


I’ve had very positive experiences working with Katja to organise virtual webinars on managing stress and coping with change. She took the time to fully understand our needs and designed unique, interactive sessions which were very well-received. I would recommend Katja to any organisation that would like to improve their employee mental health support initiatives


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