A personal wellbeing coach for every member of your team

improve mental health in the workplace with Nordique Touch science of happiness training
Why my training works

Nordique Touch offers mental health training with a difference.

Everyone can feel low from time to time. Everyone can get stressed.

But whilst some get stuck here, others start to swim to the surface to reach the light.

The motivated swimmers have mastered the skill of optimism. They know that a better life is achievable.

Optimism, together with 11 other skills, form the basis of my inspirational training on stress management and the science of happiness.

Strong mental health, resilience and sustainable happiness come from within.

If you suffer from stress, you are the only one with the real power to change it.

But how do you find that happy place inside?

This is where I come in.

I offer inspirational webinars to kick things off and after that, it gets personal!

Through my innovative digital app, I keep supporting every member of the team with daily mind hacks that have been carefully designed to change habitual thinking and support their ongoing journey towards building a more resilient, calm, focused and mentally strong mindset.

In this way, everyone gets their very own wellbeing coach to carry around in their pocket.

It’s brilliant! 

Meaningful personal development starts here

Happy organisations are productive, easy to recruit to and have no difficulty retaining their best talent. Their reputation precedes them.

People want to work here.

This has nothing to do with workload or working hours. The output of the organisation can be incredibly high.

The pace can seem hectic. The phones might be ringing non-stop.

Yet, everyone on the team is feeling calmly focused and treating others with kindness.

No signs of stress or burn-out here.

These teams have learnt how to look after themselves and have received meaningful personal development.

They have learnt the strategies for happiness.

If this is what you want for yourself and your team, you have come to the right place.

Why we should work together

I work with caring people like you who prioritise emotional wellbeing in the workplace and who work proactively to eliminate stress within their teams.

Whilst I expect that you will have put everything in place to meet the HSE legal standards for psychological health and safety in the workplace (read about ISO 45003 here), it is pivotal that your team takes ownership of their own health and wellbeing too.

I love that you are providing Mental Health First Aid training.

I applaud you if you are promoting yoga at work or offer a free subscription to a meditation app.

Maybe you are excelling at employee wellbeing and are offering workshops on healthy eating too.

Unfortunately, yoga and healthy eating do nothing for the workplace if people can’t access their inner strength.

Let me show you and your team how you can beat the blues, develop optimism and find everyday pleasure from the things in life that really matter.

Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to clean living and rigorous exercise. True to my Nordic heritage, I believe that you will be happier if you choose to enjoy a bit of everything that life has to offer.

When it comes to work, you and I will get on fantastically if you agree that high achievers work hard when required but they also know when to go home and spend time with their family.

The Danish way to live well is all about balance. And cake.